About Notary Public 101

What is Notary Public 101?

Notary Public 101™ is a notary education program administered by Notary Rotary. The program currently features a California State-approved notary course: Notary Public 101, The Functions and Duties of a California Notary Public. An approved course such as this is required to become a California notary public, or to renew a California notary commission. The course is available directly from Notary Rotary, as well as through Authorized Resellers.

How do I Contact Notary Rotary?

To contact Notary Rotary regarding the Notary Public 101 course, please visit the Notary Rotary Contact Us page. You should use this page to contact us if you are interested in reselling Notary Public 101 or have registered a course and have questions.


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